How to Subscribe to Life Notes and Podcasts

So, you’ve been saying to yourself  “what I really need to do right now is subscribe to Real Life stuff”. I would say “yes, yes you do”.

How to subscribe to Life NotesLife Notes contains all the news and updates for our Real Life community. We will add announcements, upcoming events, missionary news, and generally post stuff that relates to our church family.

You can check here on the web site to view all the latest but you can also subscribe to Life Notes via RSS to receive updates in your favorite news reader.

To subscribe to the Life Notes feed, click here or click on the handy side bar icon. You only need to set it up once.

We are also PodCasting our sermons and you can subscribe to them on iTunes. Now you can be groving down the street listening to the dolced tones of Dan Rolfe and our other speakers on your very own iPod.

How to subscribe to the Real Life podcastTo subscribe to the PodCast click here or click on the “Add to iTunes” button in the side bar.

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