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Saturday, June 11th Hike – Quarry Lakes trail

Susie’s lake is the main trail (which we’ll be doing) and it connects to the Whopper trail, that some might be familiar with.

website with map and pictures of the trail: http://www.halifaxtrails.ca/index_files/SusiesLake.htm

* Meet-up 10:30am -The Kent parking lot on Chain Lake Drive (Bayer’s lake), on the far right (north).

We’ll go at a leisurely to moderate pace and plan to be back in the parking lot between 1:30-2pm. This trail is very picturesque with lots of great stopping spots with gigantic rocks to climb or sit on and enjoy the view of the lakes.

The trail is mostly flat with a few hills and some steep rocks that you can climb if you like. It’s difficult to know the condition of the trail this time of year with all of the new growth and rain, so bring good shoes (water resistant) and long pants (there may be some thorns) as well as plenty of water and snacks. Feel free to bring some trunks or a swim suit since it will be warm and the place where we’ll stop for lunch is a great spot for a quick swim!

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