Modular week 2

Modules being offered:

Healing in the Church – Dr. John Roddam and his wife Holly

There were three pillars of the Early Church – Preach, Teach and Heal.  Preaching was proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Teaching was seeing the life and person of Jesus formed in each believer.  Healing was seeing each believer operating in Kingdom power and authority.  Throughout the intervening years, the power of God has increased and diminished in cycles in the Church.  Today there is an openness and hunger for the fullness of God.  Healing is part of the Gospel Message. We will explore theologies that undergird this Kingdom dynamic and practical models that facilitate its expression.  We hope that through this module you will experience growth towards a Kingdom lifestyle that includes seeing the sick healed regularly. 

Practical Christian Living (Ephesians 4-6) – Dan Rolfe

This Bible-study will be covering the second half of the Book of Ephesians, looking at practical Christian living in a hostile world.  We will discuss the aspects of living in different relationships in light of the incredible work of Christ on the cross.  Can love, submissiveness and humility really prevail?  Find out.

French Bible-study – Corinne Church and Phillippe Anderson

The purpose of this module is to offer French speaking believers or seekers an opportunity to meet and grow in their discovery of God through Bible reading, prayer and discussions.

This module is open to anyone who feels they can understand and speak enough French to hold a conversation, i.e. French doesn’t have to be your first language and you don’t need to be perfectly bilingual but you must be comfortable enough not to need a translator.

During the next 4 weeks, we will explore the theme of the character of God: His love, His holiness, His grace/forgiveness and His power.  We will look at a few scriptures, will share our experiences, pray together and even worship God with French songs! 

Le but de ce module est d’offrir aux croyants francophones ou aux francophones à la recherche de Dieu, une occasion de se rencontrer et de grandir dans leur découverte de Dieu à travers la lecture de la Bible, la prière et des discussions.

Ce module est ouvert à tous ceux qui comprennent et parlent suffisamment de français pour entretenir une conversation.  Le français ne doit pas nécessairement être votre première langue et vous ne devez pas être parfaitement bilingue mais vous devez être assez confortable pour ne pas nécessiter un traducteur.

Durant les 4 prochaines semaines, nous explorerons le thème du caractère de Dieu: son amour, sa sainteté, sa grâce/son pardon et sa puissance.   Nous étudierons quelques passages bibliques, nous partagerons  nos expériences;  nous prierons ensemble et nous chanterons même des louanges à Dieu en français!


Also there will be a nursery (ages 0-2), a junior church (ages 3-6) and a teen group (ages 12-18).

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