Superbowl Party

The Game starts at 7:30pm, Nova Scotia time. Most people will be showing up around 5:30-6ish. Feel free to drop in anytime  and stay as long as you like.

Bring your favorite snacks to share – Katrina Braun, our hostess, will be making a layered nacho dip and Angela Parr will be bringing mini pizza supplies so we can make our own.  Bring your own toppings ready to go.

Address: 290 Larry Uteck Blvd, the Maple View apt (top of the hill, just before you see the Bedford Basin). You can buzz the Brauns’ from the lobby or call Jordan’s cell: 229-8567. The apt is on the first floor and there will be a sign in the lobby.

For more info call Katrina and Jordan at 404-7883. See you there!

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