Modular Week 2

  • The Apostles’ Creed

Dan Rolfe
February 19 to March 11

At Real Life Community Church, we accept the Apostles’ Creed as our most basic doctrinal statement.  But how many of us have ever looked closely at the truths represented in it and how they unify us as Christians?   This module will spend time doing that and discuss how we can agree on these essentials, but have grace in the details.
  • Rooted Amidst the Storms (The Importance of Identity)

    Ron Abarbanel

    February 19 to March 11

     This module examines the power of our identity and how it can act to root us through various vicious storms life throws at us.  The first session deals directly with the issue of identity, how we derive it from many different things (some more positive than others), how we live and act to give others (kids, siblings, friends…) a healthy identity, and how our identity in Christ (if properly established) roots us through life’s challenges.  The second session deals with the storm of spiritual dryness or what we experience as “the silence of God.”  The third session explores the storm of addictions (or persistent behaviour we wish we would be free from), it’s effect on our spiritual life and relationships, and a roadmap for dealing with them.  The last session explores the storms caused by our own insecurities, ego, and desire for success.  We come full circle to re-engage how identity in Christ can lift us out of this kind of life.

  • Soaking

    Charlie and Elaine Passey

    February 19 to March 11

    In this busy life that we live, it is important to take time out to be quiet before the Lord and just listen to Him.  “Soaking” is a term that has come to mean quietly resting in the Lord’s presence with no agenda other then to be with Him and “recharge” our spiritual batteries.  This module is designed to make time to do just that.  Elaine and Charlie and the Heartbeat team will facilitate the hour, and there is often a time of sharing what the Lord may have said and prayer at the end.


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