Modular Week #2

  • Hearing God’s Voice

    Charlie and Elaine Passey
    April 1 to April 22


    In this module, we are going to explore the important subject of how to hear God when He speaks.  We are sure that God has spoken through the Bible and that it cannot be added to, but that does not mean that God has stopped speaking.  He speaks to us personally in many different ways and through many different means, but how can we know when it is Him?  There are so many other “voices” speaking to us, as well.  The material being used was first written by Mark Verkler, and there will be plenty of chances for practice during our time together.  Bring a journal or something to write with.

  • French-speaking Bible Study

    Phillippe and Genieve Anderson

    April 1 to April 22


    Nous vous invitons à vous joindre au groupe francophone de notre communauté chrétienne de Real Life, pour une découverte de Dieu, notre Père, de Jésus-Christ et du Saint Esprit…

    Durant le mois d’avril, nos rencontres seront sur les sujets suivants:

    Dieu parle-t-il encore aujourd’hui?

    Que veut-il donc nous dire?

    Comment entendre la voix de Dieu?

    Comment discerner la voix de Dieu parmi toutes les autres voix?

    Venez donc nous rencontrer dans les bâtiments de l’école primaire d’Inglis Street à Halifax, le dimanche de 10h30 à 12h30, le 1er , le 8, le 15 et le 22 avril,


  • How to Study Your Bible

    Matthew Barnes and Beth Van Hoeve

    April 1 to April 22

    The Bible is our guide for living, but how do we unlock the truths that are found there?  Whether you want to become a scholar or just be able to read the Bible with practical understanding, this module will give you lots of helpful ideas about how to get more out of your Bible-study.  Matt has been studying the Bible seriously for over a decade and loves to explore digging deeper into the historicity of the texts.  Beth, as an Intervarsity Staff worker, has been teaching a technique of discovery called Manuscript Bible-study with college students, and will be teaching us how that works.

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