Modular Week #1

The Roles of the Church

Dan Rolfe and Charl Eksteen

May 6- May 27

What is the role of the church in the life of the Christian and what is the role of the Christian in the life of the church?  Many Christians today do not find that they need “the church” to live their life in Christ.  Is this true?  We want to talk about four main roles that the church plays according to the Bible.  It is where Christians are baptized, it is where Christians share the Communion table, it is where Christians exercise their spiritual gifts within the body of Christ, and it is where Christians live together as the redeemed community showing the world true unity.  Come learn about how we all can be the church.


Soaking and Training

Charlie and Elaine Passey

May 6 – May 27

Soaking is the term we use to describe an intentional setting aside of time to be quiet and listen for God’s voice, while resting in His presence.  This takes some practice and some preparation.  The Passeys will be taking time to train people in how to soak and in how to lead a soaking group.  This will be a great time to open yourself up to what God may want to say to you.


Intercessory Prayer

May 6- May 27

We will be leaving a room open for those who would like to come and pray for the church and record what God might be saying.  This will be overseen by mature members of our congregation who love to pray.

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