Module Week #2

Practicing the Prophetic

Dan Rolfe

June 10- June 24

One of the most important things that we can learn to do as Christians is to hear God’s voice.  One of the ways that we can use this ability is in hearing God when He speaks to us about others around us.  Who is able to hear what God is saying about other people?  What is the purpose for why God might speak to us about others? What are the guidelines for speaking to others about what we heard?  All of these things we will talk about and we will practice, as well!

French Module

Corinne Church

June 10- June 24

Durant les 3 prochaines semaines, nous exporerons ‘le Pardon, la route de la Liberté’!

Comment recevoir le pardon?  Comment pouvons nous pardonner aux autres?

Le pardon: le chemin vers la liberté en Christ!


Real Life Café

Bruce and Marilyn Havill

June 10- June 24

We will be setting aside one room for the purpose of visiting with one another for personal needs, pastoral help and prayer.  There will be coffee and tea in this room and maybe some snacks.  If you need to sit and talk with someone, come on in.


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