Module Week #3

The Book of Psalms

Dan Rolfe

November 18 – December 9

One of the most consistent characteristics of the the people of God down through the centuries has been the need to express our praise and worship to Him in songs.  These songs are born of a personal relationship with the God of the universe and His love for us.  Some of them are God-centred, some of them are centred in our own experiences in this life, but they are all real and raw when it comes to telling God what we truly feel about Him.  And He loves it!  Let’s look at the songs that God chose to have recorded in His Scriptures and how they are a template for all songs written to him throughout the ages.

Cross-cultural Ministry

Heidi Maass

November 18 -December 9

We all know people from different cultures.  It doesn’t take being from another country to do so.  In this module, we will explore the ways in which we can be more affective and be more aware of how Jesus bridges the gap between cultures.  Don’t let this scare you.  We all cross cultural lines with the Lord.  Learn how to lovingly do it better.  Be encouraged on this topic through scriptures, testimonies and prayer for each other.

Real Life Café

Bruce and Marilyn Havill

November 18 – December 9

We will be setting aside one room for the purpose of visiting with one another for personal needs, pastoral help and prayer.  There will be coffee and tea in this room and maybe some snacks.  If you need to sit and talk with someone, come on in.  If you need a quiet place to spend time with the Lord, you can do that too.  Come to the cafe!

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