Module week #3

While we are having modules for teaching, we will begin our worship at 10:30 and sing together first before moving to our different samller groups for the teaching topics that are being offered.

A Discipleship that Flows from our Heart

Miro Rak

February 10 – March 3

Jesus said that, as we come to him, rivers of living water will flow from our hearts.  This module explores practical ways to let the rivers of his Holy Spirit life flow in and through us.  The key scripture anchor will be John 7:37-38, using the vision of Ezekiel 47:1-12 as a parable for discipleship.  The four topics will be: surrendering to Christ’s love daily, spiritual practices of surrender, understanding the breadth of salvation and letting Christ’s life flow through you into the world. The class will incorporate teaching, discussion and reflective exercises.  Participants will be invited to do up to an hour of exercises across the week to facilitate integration of the material.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Class

Heidi Maass

February 10 – March 3

This is a class for those who wish to learn and practice their English by using music and discussion.  If English is your second language, or you know of someone for whom it is, and would benefit from joining with a group to practice, then this is for you.  Come and learn in a safe and loving environment.

Intercessory Prayer

Elizabeth Rolfe and Ann Sutherland

February 10 – March 3

Elizabeth and Ann are planning a  module for people to realize how fun prayer can be.  Ann will teach and share personal stories about actively listening for God’s heart. Then we will have a hands-on practice time.  They hope to impart their passion about intercession.  They know some will realize their part in God’s plan to bring healing and encouragement to people around them. FYI: this is not Soaking!!!

Setting the Captives Free

Dan Rolfe

February 10 – March 3

This is a class for those who want to learn how to apply the power of the cross to the wounds in our hearts and souls.  We do not have to dwell in the past, but we must admit that the past does have power in our present, and therefore our future, if we do not let Christ’s salvation come in and heal us.  This class will be very practical and intimate.  If you choose to come, please be ready to encounter God’s tender probing into the hurts of your past.

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