Module Week #4

Loving Parenting

Corinne and Peter Church

March 17 – April 14

Parenting is a challenge at any time, but it is even more confusing in this day of information.  How can we know what to do?  How can we be sure that it will work?  How do we know that it is biblical?  Corinne and Peter have 3 older children and have great advice for young parents (and future parents) today.  Come hear them share their experiences.


April 7 – 14

In this busy life, we need to intentionally take time to go aside and be quiet with the Lord.  Soaking is the idea of meditating on God’s goodness in His presence, and “soaking” in his love.  A room will be set aside for those who would like to take time out to be with Him.  This will be facilitated by our prayer team.

Setting the Captives Free (Part 2)

Dan Rolfe

March 17 – April 14

This is a class for those who want to learn how to apply the power of the cross to the wounds in our hearts and souls.  We do not have to dwell in the past, but we must admit that the past does have power in our present, and therefore our future, if we do not let Christ’s salvation come in and heal us.  This class will be very practical and intimate.  If you choose to come, please be ready to encounter God’s tender probing into the hurts of your past.

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