Module Week #3

This cycle of modules is offering a new format and a guest speaker, as well as space for community interaction and soaking.  Check it out!

Evangelism, Not

JB Robertson

 April 28 – May 19

We usually think of evangelism as strictly having to tell someone about Jesus and get them to understand how much they need Him.  JB is going to show you the many ways that we can make Jesus known and why it is not neccesary to wait until you get up the courage, or graduate from “Evangelism School.”  You may be surprised some of the ways we influence others to know Christ.  Check it out!

Read Your Bible – Galatians

Dan Rolfe

April 28 – May 19

This module will teach for a short time about the historical background of the Book of Galatians and then there will be an opportunity to spend time reading it for yourself.  The time will finish with a sharing of thoughts about the sections that were read.  The goal is to help you get more out of when you read your Bible.  Wanna try it?


April 28 – May 19

In this busy life, we need to intentionally take time to go aside and be quiet with the Lord.  Soaking is the idea of meditating on God’s goodness in His presence, and “soaking” in his love.  A room will be set aside for those who would like to take time out to be with Him.  This will be facilitated by our prayer team.

Teen Module

April 28 – May 19

Mike and Stacey Sifnakis are going to view the movies from the Wanderlust Trilogy, which showcase the miraculous things that God is doing around the world.  There will be a chance for discussion, as well.  Come and see!

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