Module week #4

This cycle of modules is offering practical discussion, stimulating teaching, as well as space for community interaction.  Check it out!

The Four Spiritual Journeys: Life that Flows From God through Us

Miro Rak

 June 2 – 23

In John 7:37 Jesus said, “Out of the believer’s heart will flow rivers of living water.”  He did not mean this as a sentimental, future-oriented promise, but rather as an experience of the Living God flowing in and through us on a daily basis.  God wants his presence, fire and joy to flow in us! This module will explore the four spiritual journeys that each of us needs to set out on, daily, to keep in the flow of God.  The four spiritual journeys are upward, inward, outward and community.  The module will invite participants to commit to spiritual practices throughout the week to facilitate integration and growth.

Spiritual Principles in the Physical Universe

Dan Rolfe

June 2 – 23

Romans 1:20 – The spiritual world existed long before the physical universe came into existence.  Did God borrow principles from that spiritual world and express them in the physical world?  Even the tabernacle that Moses was told to build was actually an imperfect, physical replica of the elements of the one God has in heaven.  If we look close enough, can we see in the physical universe unseen truths about the spiritual?  We are going to explore some physical laws that can shed some light on truths the spiritual world might operate under.

Real Life Café

June 2 – 23

We will be setting a side a room for people to come and quietly fellowship in, or sit and read their Bible, or receive pastoral care, or receive prayer for a need.  There will be tea and coffee there.  Do you need some love from the body?  Come to the Real Life café.

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