Arrowhead 2015 Circle Summit

Here is a message from Arrowhead:
“Arrowhead is hosting some very important meetings  in October, and I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of them. The fall tends to be a season when many churches will turn their attention to missions and consider some very important aspects of ministry related to fulfilling the Great Commission. With this in mind, we have invited several keynote speakers to join us for three days in October to look at the role of the Church in the Great Commission and just what can be done to fulfill it here in Atlantic Canada, cross culturally, among our First Nations people.
The conference is planned for Thursday afternoon to Saturday at lunch time (October 22-24) to make it as accessible as possible to pastors and church leaders; though the conference is not limited to those folks – we would encourage you to send along lay people from your churches as well.
What a better way to consider missions this fall than to come and hear from some local pastors and First Nations believers about just how desperately the Gospel is needed right here – and what can be done.
Space is limited – so register as early as possible to ensure you don’t miss out. You can read more about the Circle Summit on our event page HERE:

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