Feb 28, 2016. Jesus love for the father – resources

Here are some resources that Phil Referenced during his sermon: “Jesus love for the Father”, Feb 28, 2016:

PPT: Feb 28, Jesus love for the Father

Phil encouraged us to try 3 things to experience God’s grace in fresh ways and express our love for him.

1 – Have we experienced the good pleasure of our Father?

try the Father’s Love Letter: Fathers Love Letter (PDF version). You may view a video version of the Father’s love letter here.

2 – How can we spend quality time with Him?

try starting your day with a DONE list (instead of a to-do list) to remind us of God’s goodness. You can also try journalling your own GOD BOOK where you document times where you felt God’s tangible love and grace. This can latter serve as a reminder in dark times.

3 – Are we spending time caring about what God cares about?

Good luck  in this prayer. It can change your life.

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