About Us

We meet in the rehearsal hall in the basement of the Dalhousie Arts Centre (below the Rebecca Cohn auditorium), at the corner of Seymour St. and University Ave. Our worship time is contemporary and designed to allow for participation by the congregation. There will be times provided for you to quietly or publicly offer a prayer of praise, a testimony, or a favourite Scripture. We believe that every follower of Christ is led to worship our Lord. This means there is no one “right” way, but many ways to worship. If you wish to stand, sit or even kneel at any time during the service, please do what is best for you in the worship of Christ our King.

We believe the biblical call to unity amongst believers of Christ. We focus on what brings us together, Jesus, not on what is used to divide denominations. Denominational distinctives are not ignored; we encourage each one to follow Christ according to their church background as they grow to unity in Christ. The historic Apostles Creed is our statement of faith. We also work with many churches in the Halifax area on city wide initiatives such as prayer, worship and evangelism.

Real Life Community Church isn’t just a place to go Sunday morning. It is meant to be a caring community where you can belong. Whether you’re a life long resident of Halifax or a student here for a few years of school, we hope you can call us your family.

Many people come to Real Life Community Church with a calling to global outreach. Our ministry is to help you integrate biblical truth into everyday living and equip you for Christian service in any community and culture God might send you.

Building meaningful relationships with God and one another