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Unpacking Prayer

Ever move and never get around to unpacking some boxes?  So much time can go by that you forget what is inside.  Unpacking that box finally can be exciting.  Prayer is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us as His children.  But for some of us, it sits as a mysterious box of goodies that we have never taken the time to open and unpack.  In this series, I hope to unpack some of those things and take some of the mystery out of prayer.  You may even find something you have been looking for, for a long time.

Worship Evening Sunday Jan 23, 7pm

We would like to invite you to a night of worship to God that is open to anyone in love with Jesus. No agendas, no sermon, just an ambience where He can move freely and do what He does with hearts completely surrendered. Our goal is to provide a space where we can come to Him, surrender to Him, seek Him and listen to Him. We look forward to seeing you at First Congregational Church on Sunday night the 23rd at 7pm. First Congregational is located at 1871 Seldon Street, here in Halifax.

Peter Hsu

This Sunday we have asked Peter Hsu to bring the message about discipleship.  Peter is an elder in our church who now lives in Chengdu, China.  There he serves as a Sunday school teacher to many new Christians, teaching them the basics of their Christian faith.  Come hear of his experiences in discipling.

How to Subscribe to Life Notes and Podcasts

So, you’ve been saying to yourself  “what I really need to do right now is subscribe to Real Life stuff”. I would say “yes, yes you do”.

How to subscribe to Life NotesLife Notes contains all the news and updates for our Real Life community. We will add announcements, upcoming events, missionary news, and generally post stuff that relates to our church family.

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Church Brunch

On the first Sunday of every month during the school year we eat brunch together in the room (Rm 121 in the Arts Centre) at 10:30.  We encourage everyone to bring their favourite brunchy food to share with everyone.  If your a student we don’t want you to feel like you have to bring food – we are happy to provide a meal for you!  Bring a friend instead (not for eating!).  Because we are eating, the brunch will start promptly at 10:30.  The church service will follow after we eat.

Angie’s Adventures

On Sunday August 29, Angie Tibbo will be telling us about her journey into Africa this past couple of months and about her new God-adventure to Brazil starting in two weeks.  This will be her last Sunday with us before she goes, so if you want to see her, come on out!  Also, if you feel led to support her, you can make cheques payable to Cross Current Church.

Picnic this Sunday

We are planning to have a picnic at Point Pleasant Park after the service on Sunday, 29 August.  Bring food enough for you and yours, plus a little more for any visitors.  We will gather down near the lower parking lot, just past the beach around 1:00pm.  Bring some chairs, a blanket, soccer balls, frisbees – you know the drill.  Bring a friend!