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Message series on the imperfect people of the Bible that we can relate to.

Imperfect People of the Bible: Part 9 – Jeremiah, the Obedient

What do you do if God tells you to do something that will make you unpopular, ridiculed and even hated? Oh and by the way, you also won’t be listened to either. Is success the proof you need to be convinced that God said it?

Imperfect People of the Bible: Part 8 – Peter, Changed from the Inside Out

The change that God brings to our lives may not be that obvious in our personalities. Instead, He changes our character and our motivations. The outward behaviours then follow.

Imperfect People of the Bible: Part 6 – Abraham and Sacrifices of the Heart

We often think of sacrifices as those which equate eventually to a monetary value somehow. But to God, the biggest sacrifices can never be made to wear a price tag.

Imperfect People of the Bible: Part 3 – Moses, Get the Pharaoh out of Here

Moses was trained in the best of Pharoah’s court, but God didn’t want that for the leader of His people. Where was he going to learn to lead like God wanted?