Student Life

Our time at University is a very exciting one where we meet new friends, try new things, expand our minds and get out of Mom and Dad’s house.

  • I’m on my own,
  • I’m out there,
  • It’s the beginning of a brand new chapter for me.

But it can also be a scary, challenging and confusing time.  Who am I really?  Who are my real friends?  What do I believe?  These are pretty normal questions for someone in university.  At Real Life Community Church we have heard it over and over and have helped people sort through these things many times in the past 25 years.

If you need help with any of these things, or just need a place to meet people who will not judge you or your circumstances, then Real Life is happy to have you visit.  Although there are things that are not good for us to do as people, we believe that God’s love and grace lead us to not be judgmental.  We are all capable of making mistakes as fellow human beings, so we offer to walk with you through the minefield and rose bed of life.

We meet right near two campuses as a church and can hook up with you for coffee at the Dal SUB or Killam or at SMU or Mount Saint Vincent University, depending on what is convenient for you.  We are connected with the Dal Chaplaincy office and many recognized Christian organizations on campus.  Perhaps we can help to point you in the right direction?

Do you need some advice about Halifax?  We can provide you with info on where to find the malls, what buses go where, and where other local churches are located.

Are you an international student?  We have people who are willing to be English partners to help you with your English.  We also love to have students into our homes for meals.

You don’t have to decide to attend Real Life to get our help.  We are here to be a resource to students in anyway we can.  We can provide you with help, or are happy just to point you in the right direction.

Building meaningful relationships with God and one another