What to Expect

On Any Given Sunday….A Tour of Real Life Church


When you first come into Real Life Community Church on a Sunday morning you may notice that we are mostly standing around drinking coffee and talking about our week with one another.  If you are visiting, you do not have to talk to us, but we may come up and say hello to you.  You could make yourself at home and have coffee or tea, or you can just find a seat and wait for the service to start.  The atmosphere is casual, with the emphasis on people and not a program.


At around 10:30, the worship band will gather in the front and some guy will call everyone to find a seat and prepare to start.  Greetings and a few short instructions will be given for visitors.  We will pray, inviting God to be tangibly present in the room, and the worship band will begin to play songs.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs – the words are projected on a screen incase you want to sing along.


The goal in the music is to provide a format to worship God from the heart.  During this corporate worship time, you may see people close their eyes, lift their hands, kneel down, or even dance.  You may also see people sit still and do nothing at all.  We do not have a set way to worship God, here.  Each of us can express our worship as we are led by God.  We have pastoral people in the room who will pray over people as they feel led to. Don’t worry, you can just observe all this if you want.


After the music, we take a moment to share some announcements about upcoming events.  This is also the time that we inform people as to what things are being offered in the modules this week.


There are many gifted teachers in our community; therefore, we give space for different people to teach. Our teaching is very engaging and often leaves space for discussion, contemplation or application. Our primary teacher is Pastor Dan Rolfe who loves to teach and equip the body of Christ with sound doctrine and freedom in Christ.

Wrapping Up

At the end we give an opportunity for people to get prayer for any needs in their lives or to ask for advice on things.  We might mingle around the coffee for a little while afterwards, but the service is over and anyone can leave at anytime.  Some may even decide to go out to eat lunch together after church.

Just make yourself at home

The main thing is that as a visitor, we want you to feel as at home as you like.  We are happy to have you there, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.