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Introducing Modular Church

Here at Real Life Community Church, we are on the verge of another move with God and are planning to try a new model for doing church on Sunday morning.  We believe that this format will allow us to build up the church and to reach out to the community.  Check it out.  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 22: Intercessory Prayer

To wind up this series on prayer, we take a look at the role of “Intercessor” in the church today.  Why did Paul write to Timothy and exhort him to include intercession as a specific type of prayer?  How should we veiw intercessory prayer today and is it for everyone?   -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 21: Intercession in the Bible

Throughout the Bible, different people have “stood in the gap” for others.  This selfless act of praying to God on the behalf of another is known as intercession.  Let’s look at different ways the Bible describes these events and what we should learn about praying for others.  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 20: Making Requests to God

God is listening to you.  Do you have a need?  He wants you to tell Him about it.  He wants you to include Him in the solution to your problems.  God wants to show you that He is the first person you should talk to when you have a need.  Here are some ideas how.  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 19: Prayer as an Antidote to Worry

With all of the things that are going on in your life, and the stresses that you face, who can blame you for worrying?  Well, actually the excuses for worrying do not stand up before God.  He wants us to pray, instead of worrying.  Can prayer actually relieve your stress?  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 18: Praying in the Will of God

When is it okay that God does not answer our prayers?  God wants us to share honestly with Him about our fears and concerns, but we must never forget that He can see the big picture better than we can.  But isn’t it a lack of faith to pray, “Your will be done”?  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 17: Can We Change God’s Mind?

If God is sovereign over all the things that happen, and knows the future, then what is the point in praying?  Why don’t we just leave it up to Him?  Should we expect that we could change God’s mind about anything by asking?  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 16: Prayer and Relationship

When we talk about prayer, we are talking about communication with a person.  Yes, God is a person – He is not a human being, but He is a personality and loves relationship with us.  Just like we talk differently to strangers than we do to our own family members, so our prayer life is directly effected by the quality of our relationship with God.  -powerpoint-

Unpacking Prayer – part 14: Introduction to New Testament Word-study on Prayer

Our series in the study on prayer now leads us to examine the different words used in the Greek language of the New Testament translated to mean prayer in the English.  These words can then be catagorized into a study that will help us understand the richness of prayer as spoken of by our Lord Jesus and the Apostles.  -powerpoint-